We have a choice of 9 International and 5 Local African Language Courses, which provide language learning solutions to individual learners, Education institutions, Governmental and Corporate markets.


There are only two ways to learn a new language

  • Translation Method
  • Mother Tongue Method



The Translation Method teaches us to think in our mother tongue or home language and then translate into the new language. This I am sure you experienced in school. People take extremely long to learn to speak a language in a school environment. Some people never learn to speak at all with this method due to two factors, namely:

  • You do not learn to have self confidence in the Language
  • You do not learn to think in the Language you are learning



The Mother Tongue Method is the more natural way to learn. You will acquire a new language exactly as you did as a child. This will be achieved by use of the same multi-sensory approach (A.A.C.) Audio Active Comparative or Seeing, hearing and repeating, which you experienced as a child. It is a natural, simple, effective and proven method of acquiring a language.


With this method you automatically learn to think in the language and build self confidence due to the fact that you are purely immersed in the language of your choice. This is the methodology that New Era Languages uses.

Courses for Corporates

Many Corporates are using our Programme with great success

language classes

  • Better communication between company's staff and clients
  • Create new opportunities for yourself by learning new languages

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Courses for Individuals

Individuals using our courses rave about them!

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Courses for Schools

Children are enjoying our programmes with the added benefit of seeing their marks improving!

language classes

  • Broadening their language skills will make them more marketable when applying for work
  • Create opportunities to study in a foreign country

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